About Us

Westbrook Community Care Director Elaine Garnett

Westbrook Community Care is the initiative of Director, Elaine Garnett. She has spent many  years supporting people with mental health problems, both out in the community and also within a hospital environment - and has witnessed the positive results of providing activities that are of therapeutic value. Elaine has provided training and development in work based activities out in the community and has had the role of activities co-ordinator  during her employment at a local hospital. Elaine has also spent many years assisting the elderly and is aware that although for many people retirement is a well earned, well deserved rest for many it can also bring about feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Westbrook Community Care aims to provide an opportunity for vulnerable people in Stockport that is not currently met in the same way by any other provider in the Borough.The services concentrate on: people who have suffered a mental health problem and especially adults and the elderly.

It will deliver a varied, meaningful social and work based activity and destination, both within a sheltered environment and in the community.  It adds structure and rehabilitation to their lives by providing worthwhile activities and nurtures new skills to enable integration.  A key pillar is the breaking down of barriers and reducing isolating by getting those with mental illnesses to interact with other people in the local area.  This through a “skills exchange” which will get people with mental illnesses connected to the local community, presenting a positive image of those with mental illness and helping to break down barriers between those with mental illness and the older generation with whom they would be sharing a learning/teaching experience.

We are constituted as a social enterprise and rely on the generosity of funders, companies, sponsors and private donations. Any help, whatever the amount, will help Westbrook to help its’ clients.